The  Map  of  The  Heavens

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  • "What was the disposition of the Heavens at the time of my birth?" This is a question you should ask yourself if astrology means anything to you. Indeed, the position of each of the ten stars of our solar system and also the positions of other celestial elements at the moment of your birth are assumed to have great influences on your personality and your destiny.

  • But generally most of us only know their astral "sign" which, ultimately, only indicates the position of the Sun at the time you came to the world. Thus, if your sign is Sagittarius, for instance, this simply means that the Sun was in the Sagittarius sector of the Zodiac when you came out of your mother's womb.

  • Of course, the Sun in such a position is believed to have definite influences on you. But these influences, however important they may be, are not the only ones. The other stars and celestial elements also have their say. It's why it's necessary to know their positions in the Zodiac at the time of your birth.

  • This  Map of The Heavens is precisely aimed at showing you the overall celestial configuration at any time that interests you.